Security and Apps in the cloud

Do you know what apps your business is using in the cloud?  Have they all been installed and approved by the IT department?  Do you have policies in place stating what your staff can and cannot store in the cloud?

Cloud applications can pose a huge threat to your organization’s security.  An article on by Toby Wolpe describes how most IT teams aren’t even aware of how much unsanctioned cloud use is happening inside their company.  He states that in a study of 2 companies in the US, 22.5 percent of business-critical app use was happening and the IT department did not know about it.  The same study showed that 35 percent of data stored in the cloud was also unknown to the IT department.

It is crucial for your IT department to know what apps are being used and how they are being used in your company.  If six departments all purchase the same app, how much extra money is the company paying?  Could the app been purchased under a corporate agreement that cost less?

Developing a policy for cloud usage is as critical today as developing your data security policy and your disaster recovery plan.  Make sure there is a clear policy for not only purchasing apps, but what data may or may not be stored in those apps.  Having data stored on apps that the IT department is unaware of and without the proper SLA to ensure the security of this data, can cost your company money and put your data at risk


Wolpe, T. (September 17, 2014).  Cloud apps:  Just how many does your firm use?  Now guess again.  Retrieved from:


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