Top Cloud Service Providers for 2014

This week I want to look at some of the top Cloud Service Providers for 2014.  (I know, that’s so last year!  But hey, this year just started!)

This list of the top providers is brought to you by Joe Curtis.  His article, “10 Top Cloud Computing Providers for 2014” can be found here:

Curtis’ article talks about his top 2 picks for providers in five different categories.  Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).  IaaS is one of the main categories of cloud computing.  In this model, the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) will host hardware, software, servers, storage and other components needed or a client’s infrastructure.  This may include the client’s applications.  The CSP may also provide services such as system maintenance, data backup and resiliency planning.  Clients using an IaaS will pay on a “per-use” basis.  This may be by the hour, week or month.  In addition to that cost, they may also pay for the amount of virtual space they use.  Curtis’ top 2 picks for IaaS providers are Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

The second model mentioned in the article is Cloud Storage.  This is pretty self-explanatory.  Cloud storage is storage for any kind of data.  Google Drive and Box were Curtis’ top picks for cloud storage.  Google Drive provides unlimited, free storage to students and for other accounts it provides 15 GB of storage.  Box accounts allow for 10 GB of space for free, and includes a service called Workflow that automates the routing of the files and the actions that people need to take on those files.

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) allows clients to provide virtual desktops that can be customized for groups of workers and can be accessed from different mobile devices.  This service can save companies the time it normally spends on customizing desktops within the organization.  The top 2 DaaS providers, according to Curtis, are Citrix and VMware.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is software that is hosted in the cloud, instead of being installed on individual machines.  It appears on individual devices as if it’s installed and it’s fully functional.  Curtis’ top 2 SaaS providers for 2014 are and Insightly.  which are both Customer Relationship Manager software products.

The last model that the article discusses is Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).  This cloud service allows clients to develop, run and manage their web applications.  The top two PaaS providers for 2014, according to the article, are Red Hat OpenShift and Heroku.

If you are looking for the perfect CSP for your business and don’t know where to start, maybe just take a look at the providers in this article to start with and see if they meet your needs.  Of course, there are differing view on which providers are best out there I’m sure.  You need to find the one that meets your individual needs.  Sometimes, just having a couple of names to start with is helpful in wading through all the options.

For another Top 10 list, you can also check out this article on TopTen Reviews:


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