Security as a Service

We’ve talked about Software as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Infrastructure as a Service.  We talked a little about security in the cloud.  What about Security as a Service?  Are there benefits?  What are the risks?

Security as a Service can provide some benefits.  It can provide a dedicated staff that is focused on security management tasks that may allow your in-house staff to focus on higher level security risks.  It can also provide access to some tools that may otherwise require a large investment of time or money.

Security as a Service can offer experts in security that can focus on areas that your organization may not have the resources to focus on otherwise and can assist your organization by allowing you to implement technologies more quickly when a need is recognized.

Security as a Service may also offer technologies in security such as single-sign-on capabilities, faster provisioning, virtual service management, and network layer protections that make security management easier and quicker to implement than it would be in-house.  The concept of cloud computing, sharing larger pools of resources so that they are more accessible at a lower cost applies to security just as it does to the other products that are offered in the cloud.

Of course there are also risks with Security as a Service, just as with any type of cloud computing.  To read more about the risks, you can read more on this topic at:


Granneman, J.  (September, 2012).  Security as a Service:  Benefits and risks of cloud-based security.  Retrieved from:


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