It’s a wrap!

This will be my last blog post on Cloud Computing……maybe. At least the last one for my Cloud Computing course. Over the past 3 months I talked about what the Cloud is and some of the top cloud service providers. I looked at how to choose a service provider and service agreements. About who owns your information once it’s in the cloud, and about how to keep that information secure. I also looked at other security issues that come into play when you move to the cloud, including cloud applications and how some apps can create a security risk to your business. I chose these topics mostly based on what we were talking about in class for each week. However, the security issues hold my interest and probably more space in my blog just because (as I mentioned in my first blog post), I am very interested in cyber security in general.

The information I used when creating my blog posts were mostly all other blogs, some on popular technology sites like zdnet, others were just random blogs I found when searching for specific topics. I chose blogs that I agreed with and that seemed to have relevant, useful and correct information. That’s not to say that every blog out there is legit. While I find the State Farm commercial where they imply that if it’s on the internet it must be true (not!) very funny, I do have to say that if it’s on the internet, it may or may NOT be true!

I think this blog may be useful mostly to business organizations who are considering migrating to the cloud. It’s possible that an information security professional may gain some good information from reading my blog and the articles that I linked to the blog. For the most part, it was pretty basic information and didn’t go into depth too much. So, it would depend entirely on the experience and role of information security personnel as to how much they would benefit from my blog. I did enjoy writing it, and I hope that someone out there on the Internet will come across it and benefit from it. Who knows? Maybe I’ll continue to add to it as I come across interesting information regarding cloud computing.


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